Save water. Be fashionable. Act responsible.

Making textiles is very demanding; in terms of water, chemicals and carbon disclosure.

To produce 1 kg of cotton takes between 7000 and 29000 litres of water.

The price we pay for clothing and textiles is only a fraction of the true price; we don´t pay for the use of about 7000 liters of water each jeans takes and the negative impact of 15 gram pesticides and  42 kilowatt hour of energy that was necessary.

90% of this water usage comes from production of the fibres in areas with already a shortage of water .

If we don´t change the production of new textiles in 2030 the need for water will 40% higher than the supply.

Currently less than 1% of end-of-use clothing is recycled into new clothing. This is representing a loss of more than 100 billion worth of materials each year....


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