We see co-creation and long term partnership as way of working. Working together with frontrunning parties – joint cooperation to make steps forward that no-one can make on his own. That is why we are pleased to present our partners here, with whom we initiate and make the actual ReBlend developments and projects.


Special thanks go to our partner Recover for their effort to realize the 100% recycled yarn from 70% upcycled cotton and 30% recycled PET. This yarn currently is the base of our textiles for both fashion and interior design purposes.

"Re-using our cutting waste at production for new ReBlend yarn keeps the material in the loop and helps us in reaching our goals for 2020 to close the recycling loop. The next step will be to connect ReBlend yarn with the textile we use for Ahrend products. Above the sustainable impact it will lower the cost for new materials."

Diana Seijs
Diana Seijs MVO coordinator Ahrend

“Fashion is about the look and feel that clothes give; a reflection of the individual and the society. Sustainability is part of this reflection. For me as a designer ReBlend offers new alternatives to create more truly sustainable fashion.”

Melanie Brown
Melanie Brown ByBrown

“It’s great to see that using residual textiles that usually end up in waste or low value use, create a new business model for textiles”

Marc Vooges
Marc Vooges Algemeen directeur