The fashion and textiles business is one of the most environmental unfriendly industries in the world. In Europe and Northern America it generates 15 million ton of textile waste each year. This huge mountain of  textile waste will only continue to grow in the future. At the same time it requires an enormous amount of water to produce new textiles as cotton grows mainly in areas where water is scarce.

We at ReBlend realized that the only way forward was to find a textile-to-textile technology without adding water,nor chemicals. In 2013 we have produced our own recycled fibre (70% recycled textile, 30% recycled PET)  for our high end fashion collections and interior design fabrics. We work with a range of  fashion designers, weavers, knitters, textile collectors, labels and brands to create new solutions and new values for textile waste which start at the very beginning of the supply chain.  In short: 

  • We use available textile waste as starting point for design and development of new textiles.
  • We collaborate with front running partners to engage in a textile movement.
  • We make our decisions based on true prices and true value.