What is ReBlend yarn made of?

Material information

In close cooperation with Recover we have made a yarn containing 70% old no longer wearable garments that otherwise would have gone to incineraton! This yarn is a combination of the ReBlend focus to create possibilities to keep post consumer blended cotton waste in the loop and the knowledge & expertise of the Recover Upcycled textile system to recycle pre-consumer cutting waste.

Below a detailed description of the yarn composition:

Anthracite grey 70% from sorted multi color garments. 30% black rPET
Lavender blue 50% sorted jeans, 20% sorted white garments.30% colored rPET
Ivory white 70% white sorted garment. 10% colorless rPET, 20% colored rPET
Oro/ gold 40% sorted white garments, 30% yellow/orange cutting waste. (garments will be sorted on yellow/orange next time). 30% colored rPET"
NB. Coloring of rPET with minimal amount of Oeko-tex certified coloring.

Composition of the sourced garments:

White sorted garments 87,5% cotton 10,2% polyester 2,2% others
Multi color garments 85,9% cotton 10,2% polyester 3,8% others
Denim 86,4% cotton 9,4% polyester 4,2% others

This gives the following new composition:

Recycled cotton Recycled polyester Recycled PET Others
Antracite grey 60 7 30 3
Bruma blue 60 7 30 3
Ivory white 61 7 30 2
Oro gold 65 4 30 1


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