Composition, certification and savings of the yarn

100% recycled, made from 70% post-consumer textile waste and 30% recycled polyester from PET bottles. The yarn is developed for both knitwear and weaving applications.

Composition of the sourced post consumer textile waste: 86% cotton, 10% polyester and 4% various materials. This gives the following composition of the new yarn: 60% recycled cotton, 37% recycled polyester (from both textiles and PET) and 3 % various,

 The yarn is spun by Recover made in close collaboration with ReBlend. Recover is trusted worldwide because of their long history in recycling and because they are a third party certified for highest labor and environmental standards.  The yarn is certified GRS, global compact and Oeko-tex 100. Since Oeko-tex does not a make a difference between post industrial and post consumer textiles the yarn has been additionally tested ( ph, azo dyes and formaldehyde).

Savings per kilo ReBlend yarn (comparative ReBlend 70% PCT + 30rPET to conventional 70% cotton and 30% polyester:

  • Water consumption   7,46 liters
  • Energy                          36 kWh
  • Emissions                  11,50 kg GHG
  • Cultavation area         1,2 m2

Figure calculated by Recover LCA work, verfied by University of Valencia.



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