This is what we do


To make a step we focus on development of actual projects and products in close collaboration with fashion designers, interior design and textile producers.

Post-consumer non wearable textiles are sorted by hand for specific color and material combinations, providing employability to people with poor job prospects. The next steps are industrial; shredding, adding a supplement of recycled polyester from PET bottles for extra strength and subsequently spinning new yarn. Our experiments clearly prove that it is possible to re-create beautifully soft and strong yarns and fabrics with a positive impact!

We aim to make connections between building blocks of the textile & fashion chain to support the new buildings;

  • circular fashion loops creating business perspective for collecting and fine sorting the textiles.
  • circular fashion fibres to give designers the possibility to create what looks good and feels good.
  • circular fashion collections showing the market perspective for circular yarns and textiles.


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