This is our story


We, Anita de Wit and Joanneke Lootsma, the executive board of ReBlend have over 20 years of experience with innovation, change management and development in different markets and in both large corporate and small social enterprises.

We belief working together in close-cooperation with front running partners from the textile chain is essential to create impact full results. Over the years we have build a productive cross-disciplined team & network . Having skills from new thinking capacity to high end fashion design and textile making capacity.

With them we have pioneered a new process of design by choosing a different starting point. To be descriped in three principles:

  • Use available textile waste as starting point for design and development of new textiles.
  • Collaborate with front running partners to engage a textile movement.
  • Make decisions based on true prices and true value.

We hope you join on this road to a new process of design!



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