Fashion & Design with a positive impact

We love fashion & textiles. Clothing and interior design give a a reflection of ourselves. We can use it to express what we like, who we are and what is important to us.

But it also gives very mixed feelings. The fashion and textiles business is one of the most environmental unfriendly industries in the world. In Europe and Northern America there is 15 million ton of textile waste.

Just imagine: this equals the weight of 4 million elephants! And it is a real waste because 95% has the potential to be recycled. We think it is time to address the elephant in the room. Or to be more precise 4 million elephants.

We believed that we had to do things differently.

So we did.

Welcome to ReBlend!



This is our story

Anita De Wit, co-founder of ReBlend, believes it is imperative that we recycle textiles from waste and create demand for high quality recycled products in fashion and other fields such as interior textiles. ‘It requires an enormous amount of water to produce new textiles. Even organic cotton grows mainly in areas where scarcity of water already exists. As the huge mountain of  textile waste is only going to grow in the future, we need to start find other ways of producing textiles now’. Read more..

This is what we do

We became intrigued by the fact that recycling is focused on pure materials (100% cotton, wool or polyester). What we wear is mostly a blend of materials.  It is easy to see that this gives a huge gap between theory and reality!

Our approach is actionable and pragmatic. What can be done in a responsible way? – instead of disregarding a huge part of  the current, mostly blended, textile waste. Read more..